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Line Dry

July 10, 2012

Walnut Street Co-op’s backyard is way shady and the old school clothesline we had never quite worked for a full load of laundry. At the last work party Dana rounded up the leftover rope from trying to save the apple tree that was falling over to make a clothesline. It’s a great opportunity for us to save a little energy.

Here is a little excerpt from the Sightline blog about why to Line Dry!

“To start, clothes that are hung out to dry last longer. All that lint in the dryer filter has to come from somewhere! Moreover, the Northwest Power and Conservation Councilestimates that households in the Northwest states use 4.3 percent of their annual electricity consumption to dry laundry. To put that into perspective, even our refrigerators only gobble up 3.5 percent. As the New York Timeshighlighted in an article last year, the typical US household could prevent 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year simply by turning off its dryer and hanging out the wash. Oh, and clotheslines never burn down your house; in the US alone, dryers cause more than 12,000 residential fires annually. “

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