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Putting Food By

July 20, 2012

ImageWe’re almost in the thick of it.  We’re harvesting squash faster than we can eat ’em, the tomatoes are maturing into voluptuous bulbs of juice, and we’re weeks away from our annual “pearpocolypse.”  Our backyard is filled with more apple and pear trees than we know what to do with.  In the past we’ve tried to keep up with picking but we generally end up with a floor of rotting organic matter in our back yard, BUT WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Preservation.  While this isn’t a new concept to anyone in the food world, we haven’t actively tried to save any of our harvest for the rest of the year.  The reasons? 1) We haven’t had a bustling garden for the past couple of years and 2) we haven’t had any preservation enthusiast.So where does that leave us?  Planning. We’re new to this so we’re trying to take advantage of our community contacts that can teach us about canning (It’s all a little intimidating the first time around!)  We have aspirations to make Salsa, Canned Tomatoes, Applesauce, maybe some pear sauce/or just canned pears, and apple butter!  Do you have any canning advise? We’d love to hear about your own adventures and any tips! Leave us a comment below! We’ll be sure to update you with our endeavors.

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  1. July 20, 2012 2:13 PM

    This has been a real downfall in my attempt to grow food. The follow-through on the preservation end has been somewhat lackluster and I end up with many things frozen that might be better enjoyed some other way. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

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