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Social Change Activities at Walnut Street

January 6, 2016

Our shared living arrangements at Walnut Street Co-op – cooking nightly meals, sharing chores, talking together, exchanging information, networking, and growing friendships – provide a supportive foundation for social change work each of us feels called to contribute to in the world.

Within the last few years Walnut Street Co-op residents have taken significant action in many issues and movements.  We wanted to share a little about our different passions and hope you’ll be inspired.

  • Gifting, sharing and collaborative economics
  • Climate change
  • Forest defense
  • Organic standards 
  • Revitalization of democracy
  • Homelessness and affordable housing
  • Collective and collaborative intelligence
  • The Occupy Movement
  • Inequality of wealth and social power
  • Permaculture, gardening, local food systems
  • Community resilience and revitalization
  • Middle East Peace
  • Tibet
  • Sino-American relations
  • Endangered language preservation
  • Indigenous rights
  • Surveillance, privacy, and security
  • Nonviolence, peace, and empathy
  • Sustainable energy
  • Polarization and “transpartisanship”
  • World music

Several current and former members whose social change work is central to their lives maintain websites about their work.  Two websites are:

Tom Atlee – collective intelligence, democracy, nonviolence, and more (check the tags)

Andy Heben – homelessness and affordable housing

Pagoda Trifold copy


Climate and Energy

Community resilience / local economics

The Occupy Movement and Inequality

Forest defense

Organic, local food

Gifting and Sharing economics

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