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Greetings from our newest housemate!

March 12, 2017

Hi, guys! It’s been over a year since we updated this blog. We’re busy (nothing new there), the weather’s been great (and terrible) and we have some new faces, too! Here is a guest post from one such new face, who moved in with us this past September.

Hi guys I am Yeshe/Diana. I live at walnut street. I am from Tibet. I am a tour guide. I have three brothers and one sister, I came here, six Month ago, I came here, because, I want to learn different languages and I want teach the world about my cultures and place. I am used to living with a lot people.

Me, milking a yak in my hometown!

Zoe and me met in my hometown 6 year ago. She was volunteer in a high school for 1 month, then she went back to America. Then in 2016 we met again and she told me if I want keep going study English! She can help me find a school.

When I first came here, I didn’t know any English. When I told with people, I was really shy. And I felt lonely and sad. I really could to talk about my feelings, but I couldn’t because my English was really bad, but I was lucky too because I had Zoe’s help.  She always was with me and taught me English. At Walnut Street Co-op I learned many things. For example, I learned how to bake cookies and how l can read cookbooks. I remembered my house mate Katy told me, if you can’t say these words you can use your hand. This is really good idea, thanks, Katy!

Me, going to Saturday market with Walnutters!

We have meetings every Monday. We talk about what happened to us that week, and we decide what we will do next week. When I started to learn English, I think that was third time I had meeting. During this meeting I got angry with two of my housemates. I was talking about my week and I didn’t finish the story, one person made a hand signal at me but I didn’t understand it. Then, the other person told me I should stop, so I got angry because during the meeting we should talk about what happened to us this weekend and what did you do. Other people can finish their stories but not me. Because my English wasn’t really good, so if I wanted to talk about something, I needed to think, so I needed more time.

After the meeting, I wanted to go to the kitchen and take some from the fridge an

d the second person asked me, “Are you ok?” Then I felt really angry. First I said, “I’m ok,” and she asked me again. And I said, “Why did you stop me?” She said, “I was explaining the hand signal for the other person.” And so I wanted to talk with both of them. I told them that I felt like they didn’t respect me. I said, if you are learning the other language and you want to try and say what you think or what you do, and the other person stopped you, how would you feel?

The first housemate said, she was the facilitator for the meeting and she was keeping time. So, I asked her why she didn’t stop the other people when they talked? And she said, “Sorry!” I left before we finished the conversation. I was really sad and I started to cry. Then, I thought about the conversation and I realized she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. So, I went to say, “I’m sorry” to both housemates.


Now, my English is much better because I have a lot of good housemates. They teach me how to say English words and they do many chores for me. They cook for me. They wash dishes for me. And sometimes they make some beer for me. I think the beer is not for me, but for everyone. And we have a lot of fun together. We went bowling together and hiking, walking. Also, we have pets. Our pets are a dog, a cat and three chickens. Also, we have a backyard and a garden.

I hope in the summer the garden will grow apple trees! That’s my dream.

Here are some more photos of me, as a tour guide and running.default(68)



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