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The Great Climate March

On March 1st, Walnut Street Co-op’s very own John Abbe will join hundreds of others in Los Angeles as they set out on foot for Washington D.C.  The journey is 3,000 miles and will take approximately eight months. This is the Great March for Climate Action and the goal is to inspire action from the people and our elected government officials in America (and around the world) regarding the most pressing issue that faces mankind: the climate crisis. It will be one of the largest coast-to-coast marches in our nation’s history.

Fighting for change!

Fighting for change!

Walnut Street Co-op is bursting with pride that one of  our own is  participating in this journey. We are doing everything  we can to raise  awareness about the march and to help John prepare. This includes fundraising to ensure  that he is able to pay for food and  supplies along the way.  March organizers estimate costs at around $20 a day. Want to help John fight for change? Check out his crowdrise  page 

Why he feels compelled to go

The climate crisis affects everyone on the planet, threatening not just an end to the comfort and security of our way of life, but the very extinction of our species. This is the most urgent and serious threat humankind has ever faced, yet we continue to act insufficiently or to not act at all.

“The short version is that I care about humanity, and would like to see us not only survive as long as possible, but truly thrive. In order to do this we will not only reduce our greenhouse emissions dramatically and swiftly, but change our fundamental relationship with the rest of nature. Instead of seeing her as primarily a resource to draw upon, we will learn how to relate with her as a partner, to see ourselves as a part of her, and in partnership with all of her other parts – human and non-human.

The situation is extremely urgent, so we must act now, before it’s more too late than it is already.”

–John Abbe

For more information, check out John’s writing about the march:

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